David and Howard Raines, The Flooring Emporium
We are both extremely satisfied with this outcome and simply put would not have been possible without your partnership. To achieve such an outcome in this economic climate is unprecedented — August 2017

Dr Oliver Greeves, Deputy Chair, Uniting
Arthur served on the board of Uniting from 2011-2017. During that time, Uniting, a Not for Profit organisation with over eight thousand staff and fifteen thousand clients of multiple services including Aged Care, Retirement Villages, Community Care, Hospital Care, and services for Children, Young People and Families, underwent a major transition. Every part of the enterprise was affected.
One very important change led by Arthur was a complete restructure of the property organisation. There was a natural reluctance to engage with the changing needs of the business especially as the restructure would affect so many people. However Arthur persuaded the board to provide the money to engage consultants and then kept a firm grip over their work so as to produce a change of lasting benefit to Uniting.
Arthur was tireless in his pursuit of excellence and showed commendable restraint and leadership. — July 2017

Daniel Grollo – CEO, Grocon
Arthur is well connected across the various capital market networks in Australia and New Zealand due to his long term involvement in the real estate sector including 15 years at Macquarie Bank, Westpac and NAB. As a result he has the skill and experience to reach across the multiple investor channels to attract capital for investment grade real estate investments.
Arthur provides a hands on approach and produces a reliable and dependable outcome for his clients.

Michael F. McGonigle – Rtd Director Lazard Brothers and Co. Limited, and past Chairman of DTZ Corporate Finance, London.
“At the time when the world of finance is going under fundamental change and the careful structuring of third party capital is so vital it is important to work with high quality independent professionals. I have known and worked with Arthur Psaltis for many years and he is extremely well placed to offer advice and guidance in this area and this difficult time. He is diligent and thoughtful and his blend of commercial awareness and professional skill will ensure that client objectives are met in the most productive manner.”

Bruce Baudinet – Executive Chairman of Oracle Funds Management
“VMG Capital is about creating real value for their clients.  The directors offer experience and knowledge in a complex capital market. Arthur Psaltis has supported our businesses for many years and prides himself on delivering realistic results for clients. They have a high level of integrity and are open and honest in their dealings.”

Garry Rothwell – Chairman of Winten Property Group
 “We have worked with Arthur Psaltis on many occasions and find him a reliable and trustworthy advisor. A key point of difference is his ability to deliver what is agreed in an efficient and effective manner. We recommend VMG Capital to companies that are looking for dependability, honesty, in depth structuring knowledge and strong experience in raising all forms of capital.” 

Michael Dwyer –  Executive Chairman of Oxley Capital in Singapore
“We worked with Arthur on the acquisition of the Cambridge Industrial Trust when he led the Nab real estate team in Asia. This was the first M&A acquisition in the Singapore REIT market and Arthur was instrumental in arranging the debt for the first stage of the acquisition of the manager.  This first stage allowed NabInvest to become a strategic partner for our group. Arthur was also able to assist us in retaining Mitsui as a partner in the REIT manager. As a result we today have a very large Japanese investor base in the REIT.
We found Arthur to be focused on running a commercial and entrepreneurial operation which provided fast and valuable service.  Arthur’s connections across the SE Asian region are excellent and he is well positioned to introduce capital sources from multiple channels including banks, institutional and private investors.  We recommend Arthur to any emerging corporate seeking realistic and effective advice as they seek to enhance their strategies and source capital to grow their business”

Ian O’Toole – Director, CorVal Partners Limited
I have worked with Arthur Psaltis, Managing Director of VMG Capital on many occasions during the last decade and confirm his experience in unlisted and listed real estate capital raisings is extensive.
Arthur is well connected across the various capital market networks in Australia and New Zealand including:
1. The Financial Planning Networks
2. Institutional investor Markets
3. The Australian Trading Banks
4. The Broker Networks
Arthur’s experience of working across the multiple investor networks stretches back many years and his ability to project manage a capital raising – either listed or unlisted is dependable.