The VMG Score

Velocity Made Good – VMG diagnostic

We have developed a unique tool that rates your company to predict its future performance.  It targets the pathways to success and failure and accurately predicts future performance.

We can run the diagnostic in a morning and have you clearly briefed on the outlook in under a day.  Our approach is simple; your company receives a score out of 10, if you rate more than 6 you are in a good space but could be better; if you rate between 3 and 6 you are unfit and potentially drastically so; if your company rates less than 3, our experience shows that it is typically catastrophic.

We can take you from a low score to a high score, with a well thought out easy to measure plan that is executed by you or we can help you through the process.

Inevitably the plan ends up with raising capital for your business together with multiple other techniques – we get your VMG score back to exceeding your peers.

VMG Capital specialises in assisting clients to restructure their balance sheets to get the business on the road to recovery.  In today’s corporate environment, companies need to have as low a cost of capital as is feasible to maximise returns for shareholders or the owner/founder and successfully compete for assets.

The investment community is actively focusing on corporate balance sheets and “lazy” capital in determining where to invest their funds. Our service involves analysing the key issues and profit drivers of the business to:

  • Optimise the capital structure
  • Stabilise the business
  • Refresh debt and equity holders though capital raising
  • Installing optimal corporate governance and risk management
  • Drive your VMG score to new levels of performance