VMG Core Services


Clients seeking Capital

VMG Capital has extensive networks of contacts in the equity and debt markets.  We have strong relationships with lenders, private equity houses, and high net worth investors.  Through our network we connect those seeking capital for growth with those that seek well managed investment opportunities.

Upon completion of due diligence, VMG Capital determines the optimal funding structure for a business and prepares the required credit submissions for lenders or information memorandums for investors.  VMG will run the “roadshow” to potential investors and manage the various consultants and professionals.

Property Strategies

VMG Capital specialises in the creation of funds management businesses.  Our services include

  • Strategic research and planning
  • Financial modelling
  • Due diligence management including financial, legal and physical
  • Transaction management
  • Capital raising – both debt and equity

For those corporates heavily exposed to property ownership or leasing, we can help you achieve

  • The optimal capital structure
  • Feasibility of the strategy
  • Own or lease considerations to optimise stakeholder value
  • Sale and lease-back transaction management
  • Creation of a diversified income stream through funds management

Mergers, Acquisitions and Sales

In times of change, such as business expansion, entering new markets or in times of contraction, VMG Capital can identify potential acquisitions or divestments and produce short-lists for opportunities.  We will represent your business and approach potential businesses for acquisition.  Similarly, we identify potential acquirers for businesses looking to divest all, or part of their enterprise.

VMG Capital services include

  • Analysing and assessing market values
  • Preparation of business profiles and information memorandums
  • Development of marketing plans
  • Screening and qualifying enquiries
  • Negotiating conditions of sale
  • Instructing solicitors and managing all aspects of the due diligence process including consultants

“Dial-up” CFO

VMG Capital offers a part-time (dial-up) CFO role to companies in need of our financial experience and knowledge, but without the expense of a full time CFO.  Our CFO services are designed to support smaller and start-up entities.

As your outsourced CFO, we can assist with

  • Driving efficiency and improvement generally through the business
  • Advising on good corporate governance
  • Liaising with external stakeholders, such as investors, auditors and financial institutions
  • Preparing all/any public documents such as information memorandums and prospectus’
  • Non-executive director roles

Corporate governance specialist

VMG are qualified members of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD)

Our experience over 30 years in financial services places us in unique position to be able to spot the governance weaknesses.

Companies that have poor governance processes fail – we get it right.