At VMG Capital we arrange affordable business finance!

Stop and think about this - is the cost of borrowing at 25% per annum a smart deal?  Come and talk to us first before you make a big mistake!

Business owners are seeking fast and easy finance which sees their business stand on its own without offering personal assets as security - we understand that!

We know that you don't want to put up your personal assets as security but are happy to offer the assets of your business as collateral instead.

Fast and flexible business finance VMG Capital

The Australian business lending market is cluttered with providers all seeking to lend you money - quick and easy!  Search these phrases and you will be inundated with offers within 48 hours:  “lines of credit”; “fast and flexible business finance”; “flexible business loans”; “small business loan specialist”;  “unsecured business loan”; “get capital”; “line of credit loan”; “unsecured line of credit”; “borrow regardless of your credit history”; “…no need to use your home”; “take the hassle out of getting a business loan”, “small business loans “; “unsecured loans requiring no collateral or personal guarantees”; “business loans quick and smart”.

How can lenders provide you money at 25%+ per annum interest cost without understanding your business? Is your business really ready for a loan that costs 3-4 times what a bank charges?

None of the current lenders are able to offer an overdraft facility. VMG can arrange an overdraft where interest is only payable on the funds drawn. We also arrange term loans. We can explain the differences to you.

Come and talk to us at VMG

  • at VMG we help you understand what is possible and help your business to survive
  • we arrange finance  at a rate that is materially less than what is currently available
  • no personal collateral
  • even if your business is less than 12 months old we can arrange lines of credit which operate like an overdraft without freehold property as security

Case Study

  • < 12 months trading
  • $150,000 in monthly turnover
  • no freehold security
  • general security over the business
  • line fee payable on the total limit
  • interest only payable on the outstanding balance
  • monthly bank statements
  • facility limit $160,000

Testimonial - “We are both extremely satisfied with this outcome and simply put would not have been possible without your partnership.  To achieve such an outcome in this economic climate is unprecedented”.

VMG Capital business loan process

We service all industries

We have a fast and simple process to understand what you can achieve

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